A panel of recognized expert on each field, will determine the winners of the MSI Creator Awards this year.

The panel is carefully selected to ensure the awards judging process is fair and objective. Our focus is to deliver a balanced judging assessment from industry experts who will bring their extensive knowledge, enthusiasm and expertise to the judging process ensuring that the winning entries are truly outstanding and worthy of receiving the MSI Creator Awards.

Alice Thorpe
Content Creator & Graphic Designer
Alice is a UK based content creator and graphic designer, sharing her knowledge with her worldwide audience. Alice has first-hand experience working with international clients, whilst amassing a global following of over 120,000 across her social platforms. Alice is passionate about helping other creatives develop their techniques, style and client portfolios. With Alice’s understanding of the industry and relatable personality, she is able to teach all levels of creativity and design, ranging from advanced teachings to beginner levels.
Luke Choice
Visual Artist & The Founder of Velvet Spectrum
Hi, I’m Luke Choice, Australian 3D Artist and Founder of Velvet Spectrum. I’ve been working in the creative industry for over 15 years, both as a team member at some of the World’s most renowned design studios as well as time spent freelancing independently. My love of typographic experimentation feeds much of my illustration and animation work with a strong focus on color and composition.
Ben Marriott
Motion Designer
Ben Marriott is a Sydney based motion designer who teaches animation and design on YouTube. He's worked for clients like Google, Dropbox, Converse & Twitter as a freelancer and with top animation studios before focusing on teaching his skills on this rapidly growing channel. A well-organized project file, a plan and a chihuahua are his most important keys to great animation.
Steve Lund
3D instructor & The Founder of CG Geek
My name is Steve Lund, I'm a professional geek for everything computer graphics! 8 years ago I founded what is now CG Geek on YouTube, where I've created hundreds of free educational 3D tutorials and gained over 600k subscribers. The software I mainly use is Blender (cuz it's awesome and can do everything!), and with it create anything from large 3D nature environments to hilarious animations. I love inspiring and supporting artists to start their 3D journeys, and CG Geek has become the perfect platform to achieve that goal.
Sir Wade Neistadt
Character Animator, VFX Artist, & Creator
Sir Wade is an independent content creator, a character animator, a visual effects artist, a YouTuber, and a streamer. After leaving his job as an Artistic and Technical Training Specialist at DreamWorks Animation, he focused his attention on creating educational and entertaining content for aspiring and professional artists in the animation industry. With a mix of tutorials, workflow demos, interviews, reviews, technical analysis, and candid conversations, Sir Wade's videos have something for anyone interested in animation!
Danny Mac
3D Character Artist & Content Creator
Hi! I’m Danny and I’m a Stylized 3D Character Artist and Content Creator on YouTube. I absolutely love researching and developing new tools and techniques and sharing them with my YouTube community! While most of my students create characters for movies or games, my passion is creating characters for illustration. When I’m not working on 3D you’ll either find me running, playing Chess or frantically paddling a kayak down a river!
Ru Kuwahata
Oscar-Nominated Animation Filmmaker
Ru Kuwahata is an Oscar-nominated animation filmmaker born in Tokyo, Japan, living in Providence, USA. Since 2007, she has been collaborating with Max Porter as a directors duo, “Tiny Inventions.” Their films have screened in over 900 festivals worldwide and their most recent short, Negative Space (2017), was nominated for the 90th Academy Awards and has garnered 130 prizes. They are currently working on their first feature film, “Porcelain Birds.”
Jordy Vandeput
The Founder of Cinecom & Creative Director
Hi I'm Jordy, a creative filmmaker, video editor and YouTuber from Belgium. I've got a passion for teaching online and sharing my creative process to aspiring filmmakers. My YouTube channel is called 'Cinecom' and together with a team we make weekly videos. These videos are usually a VFX breakdown from popular movies and music videos. Although filmmaking is often taken too seriously, I like to keep it light and funny.
Josh Olufemii
Director, Video Editor, & YouTuber.
Josh Olufemii is a Nigerian-American content creator based out of Los Angeles, California. After teaching at Santa Barbara City College for 3 years, he started his Youtube channel with a goal of teaching the art of video production to the masses. With a huge emphasis on in-depth post-production tutorials, equipment reviews, industry veteran interviews, and captivating mini-documentaries, the Josh Olufemii Youtube channel drives home the truth that every piece of art is reverse-engineerable with the right knowledge and the correct tools.
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